Make Your Money Work Harder With a High Interest Current Account

A lot of people are satisfied staying with the same bank for life. This is something the majority of wealthy people would not consider.All money that you hold should be working as hard as possible whether its in a current account or a savings account. Some of the big high street banks pay unthinkable interest (0.1% gross interest on balances on their standard current accounts).

If you are with one of these banks your money isnt growing and working as hard as it needs to be to make you wealthy.

I suggest that you switch asap to a high interest current account that offers all the features of other banks such as internet banking, telephone banking etc etc but also gives you a nice interest rate on your cash.

Open a Premier Direct Alliance and Leicester current account and benefit from 6.10% AER (fixed until 30.04.08) on balances up to £2,500, 0.10% AER (variable) on balances over £2,500. They also provide a switching service where thay will manage the transfer of all your direct debits from your old bank account as well as organising for your salary to be paid into the new account.

Go to and click on current accounts tab. You can open an account online

You can then start to watch your money work harder for itself rather than working harder for your bank manager. :-)

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