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If you haven’t heard of then you are missing out on another great income stream. Basically the site allows anyone to setup a free account and start selling their own product or service online. A bit like Ebay but not an auction site and where the majority of products are delivered online and they all cost the same amount…yes you guessed it five dollars. The item you are selling on Fiverr is referred to as a Gig.

Selling on Fiverr

To give you some ideas on what to sell on Fiverr there are a lot of users who sell services to advertise a company. For example you could offer to sell a photo of yourself holding a company website logo or create a promotional video for a website or sing a rap song promoting a company and deliver a video. All of these items allow you to deliver the finished product quickly and online.  There are however all kinds of users on here. Some do send out items in the mail such as company logos engraved on a piece of wood etc etc.

Check out some live Gigs on Fiverr here:

Get 500 + Connections on yourLinkedIN within 3 days to raise your profile and increase your chances of being hired.

I will create video testimonial as the plastic bag man for $5

I will laser engrave your text and logo onto a piece of wood and mail it to you for $5

I will make a dance video promoting whatever you want for $5

Get the idea? Why dont you head over to the site and take a look. There are hundreds of other unique gigs listed there.

Purchasing on Fiverr

Now as well as generating an easy income on you can also purchase items at an extremely reasonable price of $5.

Just like Ebay Fiverr also comes with a feedback system so you can look through feedback for Gigs you are interested in to see what other customers are saying about the Gig before you purchase. This gives you some confidence.

What I tend to do is sell my own products and then instead of cashing in use this money to purchase other products on Fiverr. The money you earn on Fiverr takes 14 days to reach your account. This can be frustrating but once you start selling a lot of gigs it means you will still see a steady stream of cash reaching your account within days.

What to Buy on Fiverr?

Some products that particularly interest me are the huge selection of SEO and Link building packages available at a very reasonable $5. This is a great way to improve your page rankings for your websites. Be sure to check the feedback of the gig first however to make sure they are providing a good service. You can also look at having promotional videos or photos, logos etc put together for your website at a low cost. Buying these services elsewhere would involve a lot higher costs.

The sites actually still running as Beta at the moment but the interest is huge and there is a serious amount of money to be made here with micro sales of $5 per product. I understand that five dollars isnt a huge amount of money but when you’re selling 10 products a day it becomes quite appealing as another income stream.

Id be interested to hear your views on Fiverr and what gigs you are running. Feel free to drop your gigs in the comments.

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