Looking For A Merchant Account? Low Cost merchant services from Total-Apps.com

Good afternoon readers.

Id like to introduce a guest blog this evening for merchant services. Site: www.total-apps.com

The search for a reliable credit card processor can be a daunting task. Everywhere you go people promise low rates for you to discover considerably higher rates once you sign up. Adding to the confusion are the monthly statements you receive. These require an in depth knowledge of the industry to translate.

Total-Apps.com is different. We offer simple online applications, competitive merchant account rates, 24 hour approval, low cost credit card processing terminals, and incredible customer service. We pride ourselves on picking up the phone and helping our customers when they need it. No ticket systems, no we’ll get back to you. We are there when you need us and make you the priority. All we ask in return? If you’re happy refer some friends.

Already processing with someone else and not happy? Total-Apps.com Credit Card Processing will perform a free cost analysis and show the savings in writing.

Finally your merchant account is just the beginning of our relationship. Total-Apps offers free business consulting for the life of each merchant account. We want you to grow and will help guide you through the maze of small business.

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