Lock down your spending

Since I figured out how to blackberry blog it means I can blog from anywhere. The
beach, the coffee shop, the sofa etc etc. It allows you to step away from the office
and take in the scenery and get some fresh air while you write. It made me think
about pay as you go entertainment versus contract entertainment.

When I say pay as you go it can mean a one off trip to the cinema or down to a
public gym or maybe out to a local dvd shop to rent a movie.

Although it may feel cheaper to live as a pay as you go person it actually works in
quite the opposite way.

Think about it. Popping down the cinema you may spend £8 per person plus popcorn. Do
this twice a month and you are spending £18 per person plus popcorn. If you joined
up with cineworld however and signed up for their unlimited deal for £12 a month you
can watch as many movies as you like for one fixed flat fee. Also it means you can
get out the house to entertain yourself whenever you fancy without spending a penny
(apart from the popcorn) – but thid isn’t a must.

Rent a dvd from your local store and you may pay £5 but for £10 a month you can join
a dvd rental company that allows you to watch 4+ movies a month. Some even give you a free trial for several weeks like this one at love film with no strings attached.

Visit a decent gym and pay £10 per visit however you can join for around £50 a
month. As long as you visit an average of 2 days a week then you are getting a far
better deal.

Order your shopping online for a fixed amount every week or month rather than
heading down to the supermarket in person and finding you overspend. It will happen

You also are able to calculate your total spending every month as all of your
entertainment budgets are fixed sums. Instead of popping out to the stores at the
weekend and spending a fortune on clothes you can utliise your cinema card or gym
membership to keep costs down.

This is a great way to survive during the credit crunch.

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