Investing in gold through your IRA could be the best decision you can make in 2013

In today’s volatile economy, can you really trust real estate, stocks and bonds or paper currencies? Many investors have lost millions of dollars in the past couple years. You may be asking yourself: what is the best thing I can do to make sure my retirement savings are always growing and minimize the risks? The answer is simple: precious metals.

Why Precious metals

Have you looked at the evolution of the price of gold and silver in the past 50 years?











Do you know of any other type of investment that has had a similar track record in over 50 years? Probably not. Only gold and silver have proved to be recession-proof and kept delivering positive ROIs to their investors in over 50 years.

Type of gold to invest in

Most investors prefer to buy gold bullion coins or bars, such as the American gold eagle, Canadian gold maple leaf or South African Krugerrand. These coins have legal tender and are minted at the highest purity levels. There many gold bullion coins available on the market today. Find a full list on this page.

Billionaires, Banks and Governments are investing

Did you know the China and India bought tons of gold in the past 5 years? Did you know that billionaires like George Soros, Donald Trump, John Paulson and Carlos Slim have invested billions of dollars in gold since 2008? It is a mistake to think that precious metals are only for the rich. Everybody can invest in gold or silver, whether it is by actually buying physical precious metals or investing through your IRA or 401k retirement plans.

Investing through your IRA

If you have a Roth or self-directed IRA, you should know that you can convert part of it to precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Doing this will allow you to invest in gold while avoiding your returns to be taxed. In fact, the IRS allows you to invest in certain gold bullion coins for as long as an accredited custodian is holding your gold, not you.

If you own a 401k from a former employer, you can also convert it to gold and still avoid being taxed.


While no one can accurately predict where the price of gold is going, most financial analysts are saying that the landscape for precious metals is looking much more positive than real estate, stocks and paper currencies. Gold and silver have remained strong through 2 recessions. The demand for precious metals from countries like India and China keeps rising, and there is only a limited amount of precious metals on earth. The demand is increasing and the supply isn’t. It’s up to you to decide whether investing in gold is right for you.

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