Internet Marketing – How to Get Over the Frustration and Get to Success

I’m going to make the same statement other internet marketing experts do, but the answer will be starkly different. The number one reason why beginners fail at internet marketing is…

The teacher.

Yep. I said it. The teacher. Remember that movie the Karate Kid (the original version)? Mr. Miyagi explained to his student, Daniel, “No such thing as bad student. Only bad teacher. Teacher say. Student do.”

Most of the time it’s not because the newbie is lazy, which they’re often blamed for. Beginners are willing to work hard. They’ve already invested money to learn, so they’re not going to let their efforts go to waste.

Sometimes it is because the novice is bouncing from strategy to strategy. Again, who can blame him? He’s not seeing results he expected because nobody told him what the expectations were. If he’s not getting an answer to his question, he’s going to find it elsewhere.

Unclear instructions are often the culprit. You’re given generic information about a technique. You try it out. You get stuck. You ask for clarification from your guru, and he’s not much help.

With all the technology and media online at out fingertips, why is it so hard for an internet marketing beginner to understand what he’s being taught?

Quite frankly: Poor teaching. Or the WRONG teacher.

There are many internet marketing mentors who offer many courses and many products. You’ve wasted a lot sleeping hours trying to figure out why the methods they teach you isn’t working for you when you implement them. You still get no satisfaction.

Isn’t there an internet marketing guru out there that’s right for you, and can explain things so you can understand?

I’ll repeat that. Which internet marketing mentor is the right one for YOU?

Don’t forget to factor in your learning style and personality. Teaching is one thing. Learning is another.  If one guru’s teaching style and explanations are not sinking in, then he’s probably not right for your personality and learning style.

Take the time to consider your learning style. Be honest with yourself. Do you need pinpoint detail on everything you’re learning? Are you a minimalist who likes getting straight to the point and just want to learn the steps that get results as quickly as possible. Maybe you prefer learning from someone who you consider a friend and need that personal touch.

If you’re going to invest your money in your internet marketing education, ensure that a mentor’s method of instruction fits your learning style. How do you find this teacher? To save you a lot of time searching the internet, you can click here to discover which internet marketing mentor fits your learning style and personality.

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