Home Contents Insurance

Home contents insurance or household contents insurance covers your personal belongings against loss or damage. This includes loss because of burglary, fire, flood etc. Usual items covered are: furniture, electrical appliances, furnishing, clothing, sporting goods and similar.

Home contents insurance usually covers valuables (such as jewelry) and cash up to a certain limit. If you have very valuable items, you might want to get an extra insurance cover.  In case of very valuable items insurance company could require you to install a burglary alarm or other security measures which is good to know in advance. Of course these measures will increase your home security. But it could also mean that you will have unplanned expenses if you want that your insurance policy will be valid in case of damage or loss.

When deciding about home contents insurance it is important that you give your agent as much information as possible as personal belongings and circumstances can vary a lot from one person to another. Insurance policy should also cover belongings of your close relatives which is usually the case but you should check anyway. Because contents insurance is usually sold as a part of home insurance you should check this part of your home insurance quotes with special care. Sometimes you will get an overall good home insurance quote but unsatisfactory contents insurance. If this is the case you should discuss this with your agent so he can give you more options.

You should also be aware whether your contents policy includes possessions kept in structures out of your main house such as garden house or even in the garden area. Usually you will have to pay higher premium for such insurance.

Home contents insurance doesn’t usually apply to items which are at the time of mishap removed from the house (such as cameras, sporting equipment and similar). If you want these items insured you should go for all risks cover.

As with all home insurance quotes you need to pay attention to the following things:

-insurance premium

-insurance policy coverage

insurance deductible

-any insurance discounts or bonuses

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