Fisher Meredith LLP to launch an online debt recovery service

Award winning London law firm Fisher Meredith is delighted to announce details of a new online debt recovery service.

“Online Debt Collector” from Fisher Meredith is a web based service to help business owners recover unpaid debt.

It has been developed to meet increasing demand from businesses wishing to apply legal force to recover money without incurring high legal fees. Registering for the service is free and it operates much like any “online shop”.

The core features of the Debt Recovery Portal include:

– Free registration and account

– Free client area to place and monitor orders and debt

– History of purchase

– Access to Fisher Meredith’s team of debt recovery solicitors

– Free debt recovery advice

– Customisable options including cost tracking


Jay Sahota, Deputy Head of Fisher Meredith’s Dispute Resolution team said: “In these difficult economic times, we are seeing many organisations choosing to delay or even failing to make payments to their suppliers. This adversely affects cash flow and puts businesses at risk.

We saw an opportunity to develop a simple innovative online service that allows business owners to assertively manage bad debtors. We’ve made it easy for businesses to go online, type in a few details and generate a solicitor’s “letter before action”. In about 70% of cases, a solicitor’s letter is all it takes to prompt a late paying customer into making a payment.”

“Online Debt Collector” from Fisher Meredith will be launched at the Richmond Business Expo on April 19th at Twickenham Stadium (

Fisher Meredith will be offering a new iPad to the first business which registers for, and uses the service.

Paul Mills, Fisher Meredith’s Senior Marketing Manager said: “We are using the Richmond Expo to launch the service because over 2000 business owners will be able to see at firsthand how it can add value to their business. We hope our “Online Debt Collector” will provide businesses with a cheap but efficient way of recovering unpaid debts.”

“Online Debt Collector” from Fisher Meredith is available from on 19 April 2012.

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