Dropshipping in the UK for financial gain

Have you ever wanted to sell products for financial gain in the UK but then realised you dont have the money or the space to stock the goods you want to sell???

Well there is a solution out there namely – Dropshipping

are companies that stock huge amounts of stock at discounted prices for traders. They will ship these products directly to your customer under plain cover.

So basically you can join up with a dropshipper website browse their product range and mark the prices up to resell on Ebay or alternatively on your own website. Your website could contain their whole product range (e.g over 500 products).

Once a customer makes a purchase you simply log into your dropship account and fill in the customers name and address. Make a payment for the goods (customer will of already paid you) and then the dropshipper will dispatch the item directly to your customers address. You will keep the profit you have made between the dropshippers price and the price that you sold for… The customer will have no idea you are using a dropshipper as they will have no package labelling. Some dropshippers are even able to print your own company logo on their packaging.

Dropshipping is an ideal way to start in business on the web as again you dont require large amounts of money, you dont require loans, you dont need to spend hours of your time standing in line at your local post office.

Dropshipping is yet another way of producing a viable income stream.

The key to financial freedom is having several income streams from various different sources. Dropshipping is definitely one option for an income stream generated online.

And again this can be a part time operation. You can run this alongside your full time job.

To give you some example of a great dropshipper take a look at the link below:

Stay tuned for more money making tips..


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