Citibank do not want my money

Today I just wanted to vent my anger at my recent experience applying for a new bank account with Citibank.

I wanted to open a Euro Bank Account for convenience when traveling abroad so in June I applied online for a Euro Bank Account with Citibank. From my previous experiences with other banks I knew it would probably take a week to process and send out the debit cards.

I received a few voicemails from Citibank and called them back to answer all their questions ( although everything was already on the application form I’d submitted online). Then a few days later another voicemail. Yet again I called them back. The agent said that my application needed to be pushed through to another department and she would ensure it was dealt with. I would receive everything within 48 hours. Moving on another week. Checking my voicemail again I have yet another message from Citibank customer service asking to call them back. How many times do I need to call this bank to open a new account??? How many different customer service agents do I need to speak to who ask me the same questions??

Now here I am almost a month later and they still haven’t opened my new bank account. So I have emailed the CEO of Citibank with my concerns in the hope that this gets passed to the correct management level to resolve this. It is extremely concerning that Citibank are turning away new business. If they cannot process new accounts within a month then I am curious how they process normal customer account queries. I was also concerned that there is no email address for Citibank customer service. It appears you can only lodge complaints via telephone.

Has anyone else had problems with Citibank or their customer service ? Id be interested to know if anyone has positive experiences at Citibank.

Rant Over…

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