WordPress Blogging from Blackberry

Im posting this from my Blackberry Bold handset. I thought Id let you know about a nice application for your Blackberry wireless phone. MoPress provides a mobile blogging platform so you can update your blogs from anywhere. Why confine yourself to your office if you dont have to. You dont need to be chained to your PC anymore..

MoPress communicates with your blog using the XML-RPC protocol so make sure its enabled in your wordpress options screen.

You can enable XML-RPC here in the WordPress Admin area below:

I like the fact that MoPress allows you to save logon details for multiple blogs so you can maintain multiple blogs with ease.

If you want to download a copy for your Blackberry then head over to http://mopress.danais.org/download/ and select Blackberry to download over the air for free. They also have a J2ME version for other mobile handsets.

Another great tool for my Blackberry :-). Feel free to share your favourite Blackberry Apps and Blackberry PIN if you want to network with me.

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