Bear Stearns Sold to JP Morgan – Bear up folks the credit crunch is taking hold

Bear Stearns was one of the world greatest investment banks and was once the biggest underwriter of U.S. mortgage bonds.
You may of heard however that its share price has fallen over 90% this year. And now they have eventually crumbled selling out to JP Morgan at a real bargain of just over $2. It was trading at over 30$ a share a few weeks back.
The credit crunch is taking a grip folks so beware there are going to be troubled times ahead. The UK is always a few months behind the U.S and a storm is brewing that is heading across the Atlantic ocean.

These are warning signs. We are a country heavily in debt just like the U.S

Check out this link –

Take a hard look at your investments. You need to make a decision.

* Pull out of any u.s property investment funds

* If you have a 2nd property in the UK to sell and you cant sell it with a good profit then rent it out. The demand for rentals will grow during the crunch.

* Look for alternate niche markets where you can invest such as eastern europe, dubai and the far east

* Keep an eye on any savings held in UK banks and review the banks share price / financial situation going forward

* Diversify. Dont keep your eggs all in the same basket. Spread your investments across countries / sectors

Thats it for now folks.

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