Barter Goods or Services with Trade Exchange Networks

Taking a family trip out of state, taking a vacation to get your life into perspective, and touring the world are all opportunities you might take for yourself to simply get away. Travel and leisure is as important to a healthy lifestyle as exercise, as it can help you re-energize in this competitive and fast-paced world.

For many businesses, travel is not just an option, but a mandate. Promoting their business, expanding their market, reaching clients, and attending conferences are all instances where long-distance travel becomes necessary. It is an unavoidable cost. Unfortunately, cash is sometimes short, and one must occasionally forego the idea of a family trip or sending out an employee to attend a conference on behalf of the company.

It’s understandable that money is not always available when you have the time and need for travel. In such situations, turning to barter to cover the costs of travelling is a great idea.

Through the creative use of barter, you can procure plane tickets, hotel accommodations, restaurant meals, and entertainment events for a family vacation. You offer your own product of service to the barter exchange network to cover the major costs of the trip. Direct barter will not be as effective in these cases as what you have to offer may not be something that hotels, airlines, restaurants, and event venues want. However, as trade exchange networks, such as the Ormita Commerce Network offer multilateral barter, it is easy to find willing participants.


  • Barter solves the problem of cash shortage: You always have your abilities, skills and products, even if you are short on funds. You can use what you have to get what you need without the need for cash.

  • Saving: Hotel rooms, airline tickets, tables at restaurants or event tickets are all types of perishable inventory. Every night these assets go unsold represents value that can never be recovered. To contend with this, many businesses provide these perishable goods to barter networks. They consequently earn new customers through the network to recover the value of their previously unsold assets.

  • You also sell your services or product: When you buy airline tickets, accommodation and food through barter, you pay for them by providing your own products or services to network members. You thus earn new customers who can purchase your goods on trade, and cover the cost of your purchases.

Travel and change of location impart new vigor to the mind. To get away from one’s working environment is, in a sense, to get away from one’s self – this is often the chief advantage of travelling. Use barter networks like the Ormita Commerce Network to plan for vacations, see exotic locations, and travel for business, and you can improve your overall outlook on life.

About the Ormita Commerce Network Barter Exchange Platform

The Ormita Commerce Network spans 5 continents, with direct representation in more than 23 countries. Ormita allows companies to exchange goods and services on a reciprocal trade arrangement in order to expand their reach, access new customers, improve their buying power, monetise excess or unsold capacity and improve profitability. Being a member of a barter exchange network such as the Ormita Commerce Network effectively allows companies to offset their cash expenses against new sales, broaden their customer base and procure goods at a lower cost when compared to cash. The current CEO of the Ormita Commerce Network is Mr Daniel Evans. 

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