Anyone can do it .

Good evening. You may not believe this but anyone can achieve wealth if they put their mind to it.

Every single one of us has a skill. You can utilise this skill to generate wealth and happiness. Unfortunately the majority of us use this skill to serve a company and generate money for someone else.

Try to focus in on a skill that you have. A skill that you can utilise to help others. Think of ways that you could improve on services already offered in your area and what you as a client would be looking for. You dont even need to quit your job to start working on your escape plan.

Pull out a notepad and write down all your skills. Write down the associated business plan ideas. Speak with your friends and family about these ideas and get constructive feedback. Once you have an idea of what your business plan is you can test the water and you dont need to quit your job. Start off small scale.

* Utilise sources such as Ebay to promote services

* Utilise local newspaper ads to promote your new business

* Run your operation using email and voicemail at first to enable you to respond accordingly while you are still working. You can always check emails during your lunch hour for example or on breaks at work

* Start your business locally at first to allow you to visit clients at weekends or in the evening so you can run alongside your current job

* Setup a website to portray a professional image filled with information regarding your company and a feature to contact you via email or voicemail

Its all about starting with small steps. Edging slowly towards a life of financial freedom. Keep focused and instead of watching tv after work sit yourself down and slowly devise your plan to escape the rat race.

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