Amazon and City Link. Lost in Transit?

Today id like to vent some anger about another bad experience I have had with City Link following a recent order on Amazon. I would say that 95% of the time when a company has used this courier to fulfil my order they have managed to fail to deliver. This is despite people always being at home. On one previous occasion I had to drive 20 miles to the nearest depot to pick up the item as I couldn’t be sure it would ever be delivered. This has happened to me at different locations in the UK so isn’t localised. And yet again today I face the same problem again a year down the road this week. A next day delivery parcel that hasn’t arrived 10 days after dispatch.

And City Links tracking system has one update showing that the item left the depot 10 days ago. To add to the confusion they are also using a recycled tracking number that shows the item as delivered a week before my order was even placed online. Apparently they recycle tracking numbers sometimes according to Amazon so the item shows as delivered from a previous delivery. Makes complete sense doesn’t it…

And a call to the customer service help desk at City Link gives us a recorded message stating that due to a backlog they were too busy to answer the phones and an email should be sent. Of course the email I sent 9 days ago has been ignored. This is the final straw with City Link. Amazon are a great company but they are starting to become tarnished by the service their courier is providing. A quick scan of google will review lots of reviews which don’t rate the courier very highly either. This review site doesn’t rate them too well – There are also lots of negative comments posted on the Amazon customer forums here.

So why do Amazon use City Link? Perhaps its all down to cost but cost isn’t the only thing we should consider in business. Business is also about satisfying client expectations and meeting them. A next day delivery service that takes in excess of 10 days isn’t acceptable. So Amazon are great in that they refund the delivery cost and then send out a 2nd replacement by Royal Mail 10 days later but customers will eventually become tired of this and move to other online companies that can actually deliver an item the next day. I myself would be willing to pay extra if Amazon could ship products by DHL, Fedex or UPS with real tracking. I certainly wouldn’t choose the City Link option.

Are you also angry at why Amazon is using City Link as a courier? Are you having issues with City Link as a courier service? Id love to hear your City Link stories. Maybe you had a good experience??

Id love to continue to use Amazon as a service but will most likely be sticking to cheaper items sent via Royal Mail only from now on.

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  1. I purchased a new TV on Amazon on the 28th December, and paid for “expidited delivery”. My due date was given as the 30th from the Coventry depot – just in time for our New Year party.

    To date (5th January), I’ve not received the TV and the tracking document still has the same outgoing scan dated the 29th December, with the package stuck in Kettering (only 40 miles away!).

    I’ve tried ringing customer services and when the system “transfers” me to a representative, I simply get cut off. I have also emailed them, and had no reply.

    Terrible customer service.


  2. Mark
    I suggest in the first instance you contact Amazon via the Contact Us link on the website. I find this better than calling them. Ask for a refund for your delivery cost. They should process this fairly quickly. They should also dispatch a replacement if it hasn’t turned up yet using the good old fashioned royal mail.


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