The Debt Elimination Plan-Market America’s Money Merge Account

To start with, three questions come to mind with the title of this article:

  1. Who is Market America?
  2. What is a Money Merge Account?
  3. How does the Debt Elimination Plan work?
  •  Market America was founded in 1992, is a Product Brokerage and Internet Marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company employs over 650 people globally (USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines).
  • The Money Merge Account (MMA) is a product offered through maCapital Resources (the new Financial Services store of Market America). Its’ software was built with sophisticated math engines and algorithms addressing four strategies
  1. Interest cancellation
  2. Strategic Payoff (of debt)
  3. Time value of money (bank smart)
  4. Coaching and Education system
  •  The Debt Elimination Plan works by following the MMA’s factorial math application which provides a specific number of exactly calculated solutions depending on how many variables you are dealing with towards eliminating your debt.

Read more about this fantastic plan at the below link:

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