Where to Sell Your Stuff Online in the UK and Ebay Alternatives

Ebay was great when it started out but now when I look at the amount of money it costs to use Ebay you start to realise how much money you’re losing out on. Ebay is eating into my profits and Id rather keep that profit to myself. So this week Ive been looking around at other places to sell stuff online.

First of all lets look at selling 2nd hand CD’s, DVD’s and Games. There are several sites out there that will give you immediate cash for your items. No need to setup an auction or type up a listing. Just a case of entering the bar code on the back of your CD, DVD or Game and then you are presented with an instant cash offer. Obviously this offer will be lower than Ebay or if you were to sell the item yourself elsewhere but it is instant cash. Useful perhaps if you would of given the items away anyway or thrown them out.

So let me just run through the sites I found during my research:

Instant Cash Payment Sites (However Low Pay Outs)

Music Magpie – http://www.musicmagpie.co.uk – One of the more popular sites. Easy to use but payouts relatively low

CEX Online – http://uk.webuy.com/sell/ –   High Street name online market place. Allows you to sell your items easily

We Buy DVDS – http://www.webuydvds.co.uk/ – Site that specialises in letting you sell your DVDs

Set Your Own Prices (Non instant payout) but sell your item for higher price

Play Trade – http://www.play.com – Sell your items on the well known Play.com marketplace. Great marketplace as obviously play.com gets a lot of traffic.

Amazon Marketplace – http://www.amazon.co.uk – Sell items on one of the most powerful market places in the world. Only problem is you need to be registered as a business (so no good for private sellers)

Priceminister – http://priceminister.co.uk – Sell your items on this new Ebay Alternative. You can set your own prices and sell new or old items. The great thing about this site is that first it has a large number of hits. The site is an English version of the popular priceminister site originally setup in France. This site was ranked 2nd in the whole of France for E-commerce. You can sell a wide range of items including Books, Music, DVDs, BluRays, Video Games, Phones, Electronics, Games etc etc.

Online Sites for Offline Sales

Gumtreehttp://www.gumtree.com/ – Create a free advert on gumtree to sell your stuff. This means you can keep 100% profit if you sell and buyer can pick item up

Free Ads – http://www.freeads.co.uk/ – Create free classified ads to sell your stuff. Again similar to GumTree. You keep 100% profit

Loot – http://www.loot.com/ – Another popular website to sell your stuff online and take 100% profit offline when it sells.


To conclude. For large bulky items I would suggest using one of the online sites to sell offline such as GumTree, FreeAds or Loot. You then keep 100% of your profits and the buyer will normally collect so there are no postage costs.

For smaller items however my preferred site for selling is priceminister. This gives me a larger marketplace (the whole of the uk or europe). Why priceminister? Well.  You can list items for Free and for as long as you want. This is a great feature. PriceMinister only take a commission if your item sells. This definitely beats Ebay. And its very similar to Amazon marketplace but priceminister allows private users to sell unlike Amazon. When a buyer searches for an item they get a list of buyers that they can choose to purchase from. These include new or used items. You can also decide what price you sell your item so get a far better deal than if you decided to use instant sales sites like music magpie. Priceminister also allows you to sell a wide range of items. You arent only restricted to dvd’s, games or cd’s like some other sites.

Im actually using priceminister now as an alternative to Ebay so will let you know what the sales figures are like. In the meantime I can offer you a great deal with priceminister. If you click on the icon below you will get a free £5 voucher to spend at priceminister when you sign up. Sign up is absolutely free.

Get cash for old CDs, DVDs and Games


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  1. To give you an update on this. Although priceminister is a good well designed site the traffic levels just cannot compete with Ebay. Ultimately if you want to sell a product fast Ebay will always be the best option for a nationwide, european or global audience. You should use Ebay however to cross-sell by providing links to your websites in your sales invoices and packaging to try to get repeat sales (off ebay). Ultimately Ebay are eating into your profits so if you can build up a client base on your website this would be the best long term objective.

    If you are selling locally for example for bulky items then I would opt for loot.com , gumtree.com or freeads.co.uk. The advantages are that listing is free and you can set your prices and the buyer is normally willing to collect.

  2. The recommendations are great, but none of the sites are useful for me. What do you recommend for e-Books, perfumes, etc? Even Amazon is not accepting e-books sales anymore and eBay is too expensive as you already know(between the credit card processing fees and eBay fees your profit margin is already gone).

  3. Simply put you will get more for an eBay sold item than with most eBay alternatives. If you are satisfied with eBay and its fee structure by all means stay there. There are two reasons to consider developing a relationship with an eBay alternative now.
    First, eBay wants out of the auction business. Look up the Feb 10, 2011 Fox Business article where CEO Donahoe stated that they are still under going the change away from the online auction being eBay core business, to one along the model similar to that of Amazons business model. These changes are making sellers un-happy and will continue to do so.
    Secondly, eBay banns a large number of perfectly legal items, from being sold on their site. If you want to sell these banned items you must find an eBay alternative.
    Find an eBay alternative and follow this rule, list the item with a reserve, or with a base price that you are willing to accept. This can be 10% less than eBay and you will be about at the same level of return, as eBay and PayPal (an eBay company) Fees, will come to more than that. I use Ealtbay, it allows me to list for free, has very low final value fees, and I can accept payment in any legal form. Give it a try.

  4. Just to give you an update folks. PriceMinister are now closing down however the same company own Play.com. Id go for Play.com over PriceMinister anyway as Play gets a decent amount of traffic.

  5. For selling Digital Products Such as Ebooks I recommend the following sites


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