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Top UK Deals, Voucher Codes and Printable Vouchers in October 2011

With the possibility of yet another recession hitting the United Kingdom I thought I would focus on money saving offers this week. I have scoured the web for offers for my readers.  I have broken these down into separate headings to make this easier for you. Food, Entertainment,Shopping & Services.


£20 off your shopping at Ocado: Please note you must be a new customer to Ocado. Current customers cannot use this voucher. To get your £20 voucher click here.

Credit Crunch Food Coupons – Eat for less

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce money over the Christmas credit crunch so I thought Id provide you with some food discount voucher deals for those of you who live in the UK. Sorry to those of you who live outside the UK.

Credit Crunch Food Vouchers

1) 50% off at Old Orleans Restaurant – Monday through Thursday – Valid until 14th December – Click here to download voucher then print

2) £5 off a takeaway from Dominos Pizza – Enter the code – NGNRIOQY as a discount code when you purchase a pizza from their website. Visit their website here

Save money when shopping abroad

Did you know that the majority of us tend to use our standard debit and credit cards when we are shopping abroad?. The banks love us for this as they introduce stealth charges whenever our credit and debit cards are used outside of the UK. There are also often charges of up to 2.5% added to every single purchase and the exchange rates that are used are never the best on the market.

There is however a solution to this by investing in a prepaid FairFX currency card, a prepaid mastercard loaded with Euros for those trips to Europe or U.S dollars for a foreigner visiting the U.S.

Lock down your spending

Since I figured out how to blackberry blog it means I can blog from anywhere. The
beach, the coffee shop, the sofa etc etc. It allows you to step away from the office
and take in the scenery and get some fresh air while you write. It made me think
about pay as you go entertainment versus contract entertainment.

When I say pay as you go it can mean a one off trip to the cinema or down to a
public gym or maybe out to a local dvd shop to rent a movie.

Cut your phone bill by using voice over IP

Hi folks. I always am actively seeking ways to reduce outgoings. This comes of a man who has now converted to the millionaire mindset. One of my recent conquests has been to knock around £30 off my BT phone bill. This may not sound a lot but the phone bill was around £40 to start with. This is a huge saving.

Why should we pay high call charges to BT (especially when calling international numbers) when we can do this cheaper via other means. The future of the telephone is voice over IP. It hasnt taken off yet but I assure you in a few years time everyone will be using VOIP in their homes.

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