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Making Money On Your Blog By Selling Ad Space

If you want to monetize your blog you can use several different strategies including:

* Google Adsense Ads

* Affiliate Programs (such as Amazon, Ebay and MarketLeverage)

* Text Link Ads (such as Inlinks or TNX)

* Sell your own Product (such as ebooks, software or a service)

* Donations from readers (via a donate link on your blog)

* Sell your own Ad Space (Banners or Advertiser Blog Posts / Product Reviews)

Its always better to have multiple streams of income in case one of these streams dries up in the future. I would recommend that you implement a combination of the above.

Free DVD – Lazy Mans Way To Make Money

I was watching the Entrepreneur channel and heard about a limited offer they are running. They are currently giving away a free lazy mans way to make money DVD. Seeing as this DVD is free you have nothing to lose by ordering a free copy. Ive checked the small print and there is no money involved what so ever. I look forward to viewing mine soon.

Grab your free dvd here –

Making serious money online with google adsense

Do you own your own website? If the answers yes then did you know you can make serious money online by using google adsense.

Google adsense is a free way of adding adverts to your website to create revenue. You can add discrete adverts to your site that will be integrated according to your web sites them. When users click on these adverts this will create revenue.

You can login to your adsense account and monitor how much you are earning at anytime. Imagine pulling in hundreds of pounds automatically. Remember the internet never shuts. You have potential visitors 24 hours a day.

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