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20 Ways to Make Money Online in 2012

Id like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy New Year. The start of another year yet again.  The U.K as well as most of the globe is still in the midst of a recession. Times are indeed hard. Employers are making staff redundant each and every day. Large retailers are going bust. The job market is weak with hundreds of applicants for each and every role.

Making Money On Your Blog By Selling Ad Space

If you want to monetize your blog you can use several different strategies including:

* Google Adsense Ads

* Affiliate Programs (such as Amazon, Ebay and MarketLeverage)

* Text Link Ads (such as Inlinks or TNX)

* Sell your own Product (such as ebooks, software or a service)

* Donations from readers (via a donate link on your blog)

* Sell your own Ad Space (Banners or Advertiser Blog Posts / Product Reviews)

Its always better to have multiple streams of income in case one of these streams dries up in the future. I would recommend that you implement a combination of the above.

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