Quantitative Trading Strategies – Guide To Building An Execution System

The process in which it takes to create quantitative trading strategies is much more complete than you may think. But how they operate is actually very simple. Each trade generated are triggered by a setup of rule within the quantitative trading strategy you have built, and then the trade is sent electronically your broker to be executed. Although the mechanism for execution can be manual or semi-manual, it is advisable to automate your quant trading system as much as you can. The idea is to remain free to work with two or more strategies simultaneously, as you gradually gain expertise in quantitative trading.

Earn Full-Time Money Through Part-Time Effort


To quote conventional wisdom, “time is money.” And while this phrase has some truth, time is also time. The precious seconds we’re given every day are a commodity in their own right, affording time with our friends and family, the opportunity to indulge hobbies, and the flexibility to relax from time to time.

The problem is, we have responsibilities; particularly, jobs. For some of us, this means a mandatory 8 hours per day dedicated to someone else’s tasks, resulting in a benefit that we may not directly see. For others, this means more than 8 hours per day, putting our best foot forward with the same unattractive prospect. What if there was a way to take care of our financial needs and wants without the arduous investment of full-time employment?

Two Keys to Better Investing


Here are two keys to tick off on your checklist on the way to becoming a better stock market investor.


Don’t just read the article but make sure that you act upon it.

 Talk is cheap, right?


Keep a Trading Diary


Keeping a trading diary allows you to analyse exactly where you went right or wrong with your trade.


You should include information such as:

  • Name, and ticker, of the shares

  • Share price paid (or received)

  • Number of shares bought/(sold)

Improving Your Results & Profits With Algo Trading

Although there are many different ways we can help our finances grow over time, some of the most common options are not actually the best available. Savings in IRA funds, especially those invested in mutual funds, are not the ideal strategies anymore in getting the best return on your money and the reason people are turning to algo trading systems.

Traditionally, the approach has always been to invest your retirement funds in some form of mutual fund. These funds tend to be made of a huge variety of different stocks that have been picked because they fit a certain criteria.

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