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10 Reasons I believe Virtual Reality Investments will explode in 2016

Its been a while but I’m back. Today I’d like to talk about VR. Virtual Reality is a game changer. In 2016 we will see an end of flat screen media and the arrival of full 3 dimensional worlds with Virtual Reality. Here are 10 reasons why I believe VR Investments will explode in 2016.

  1. Playstation 4 VR will release in October/November 2016 – PlayStation VR – previously known as Project Morpheus – is Sony’s answer to virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift.
  2. Facebook have already invested in Oculus Rift at a cost of 2 billion dollars in 2014. They are ploughing significant amounts of money into VR.

Merchant Services: Be the CEO of your own company

I have spent the last 14 years in sales. I have always treated my position like I am the CEO of my own company. But what does that mean? Well Like any business owner, I watch the numbers. I know where I am at every single day. I do not simply react; I proactively create situations to ensure my success. But you don’t know what you don’t know. Some people think it is counter intuitive to have a W2 position and treat it like it is your own business. If I was digging ditches, maybe, In sales, however, you are only as good as your numbers on the spreadsheet so you have to understand them.

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My name is Samir, I’m 31 years of age originally from Italy, but live in Peterborough, UK.

I have always been interested in making money online, and for that, I have had the joy, and the pain of going through a large number of online “opportunities”.

Now, I have been invited by a respected Ex team leader in a previous job, to join this new business opportunity that goes by the name LibertàGià!

I did not know anything about the company, and I couldn’t find much either on the internet as it is a rather new company,  but I knew that he wouldn’t just tell me about another on of those scams, sorry, I meant schemes ;)

Do You Know How A Mortgage Calculator with Taxes and Insurance Function?

A mortgage calculator is mainly used for estimating monthly mortgage payments such as taxes and insurances. What you are only required to so is to enter the price of the home, your preferred down payment and also the details about the loan of that home so that it can be easy to calculate your schedule, payment breakdowns and many others. This calculator is very significant since it can also be able to show you a corresponding schedule that corresponds o your mortgage. A good example is when you want to purchase a home; this payment calculator enables you to test the amortization scenarios, down payment and also makes it easy for you to compare the rates of fixed and variable mortgages.

Investing in gold through your IRA could be the best decision you can make in 2013

In today’s volatile economy, can you really trust real estate, stocks and bonds or paper currencies? Many investors have lost millions of dollars in the past couple years. You may be asking yourself: what is the best thing I can do to make sure my retirement savings are always growing and minimize the risks? The answer is simple: precious metals.

Why Precious metals

Have you looked at the evolution of the price of gold and silver in the past 50 years?









The Biggest MLM Pre-Launch in the World

Our aim is to have 100,000 people from around the World ready for our World Prelaunch…

Be part of it… Build your Team Now!

We have taken a radically different approach to building an MLM organization. I am sure you are aware that unless you have a team beneath you, you will make nothing from a MLM business regardless of how good the opportunity is.

Our years of experience have shown us what works and what does not.

Red Green’s Newfangled Cacamamie Pizza Delivery Contraption

Red Green’s Newfangled Cacamamie Pizza Delivery Contraption | Ron Barlow’s Empower Network Blog

by ronbarlow

internet marketing

This reviewer, bluethunder35 from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

said the Red Green Show is a superb sitcom from Canada

IMBd.COM but it takes time for it to grow on you.

Red Green’s Handy Tip on How To Deliver Pizza

Steve Smith portrays Red Green, the leader of the Possum Lodge that’s 135 beer stores

away from Toronto. His mis-adventures mostly involve the goings-on in his lodge with

real and fictionally members of his fraternity. Smith delivers a great performance as the

The Importance of Stop Losses in Forex Trading

Many traders think that the secret to successful trading lies purely in finding a way of knowing when a market is going to behave in a certain way. While this is of course essential, what so many participants never realise is the equal importance of limiting your potential losses through using a stop loss.

Why should you use a stop loss? Well, take driving – how many times a week/day/month do you crash? I would hope relatively few times. But how often do you wear a seatbelt? Every day, right? That’s because if  you did crash the result would be quite likely be fatal. Exactly the same can be said of trading – if the markets go against you and you have no stop loss (the trading equivalent of a seatbelt), it can quite likely be fatal.

Tax Refund Tips for the Millionaire Businessperson

Running a business comes with more than its fair share of stress, duties and chores. On top of all these you also have to think creatively and keep one step ahead of the competition, which in itself entails keeping a watching eye over the competition. In essence then, running a business can sometimes feel as if you’re running the world. Paying taxes is another element of business running that requires much concentration and potential complications. Of paying taxes, ensuring you receive your full entitlement in refunds is perhaps the part businesspersons and entrepreneurs need to be most concerned with. Here are some tax refund tips for the millionaire businessperson in order to make things somewhat easier.

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