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Pure Leverage Reviews – Is it Really Worth It?

No doubt you’ve been scouring the internet in search of Pure Leverage Reviews. There is a lot of misinformation contained in some of these Pure
Leverage reviews and frankly, it can be quite confusing. Relax! Here is the inside scoop, and answers to the most puzzling questions
so you can make an informed decision. Hold onto your seat… what you learn next may well startle, if not SHOCK you to your CORE!

The Right way to build a lifestyle of freedom and choice

The Right way to build a lifestyle of freedom and choice

You wouldn’t perform heart surgery without first going to medical school, you wouldn’t fly a plane without first going to flight school, so why do people try to start an online business without the necessary education?

At the Six Figure Mentors we give you the step by step education that is crucial for your long term online success, whether that means just earning some extra cash to help get by…or building a six or seven figure monthly income in just a matter of 1-2 years. The best thing is that with our step by step system, you get the tools and education to earn as you learn!

How to Use Ecommerce to Grow Your Business in 2013

Laura Comben is a freelance copywriter from Brighton. Her passions include writing, art, photography and keeping up with the latest news and trends.

We may all think that ecommerce is now an established setup for small businesses right up to large multi-national corporations. However, it may be to some a surprise that a handful of retailers have been questioned over their lack of ecommerce involvement. High end fashion brands for example have been sceptical to market their clothing online over fears that it could damage the feel of exclusivity and luxury surrounding their brand. Even high street brands such as H&M have been putting off their US ecommerce channel (scheduled for later this year) over security issues, payments and logistics. So how can you implement ecommerce into your business to grow sales?

Make Money Online with Swagbucks

We’re always being told we spend too much of our day online and that we waste too much time surfing the internet. You spend hours surfing the worldwide web and you’ve rarely got anything at the end to show for it. Well, until now, that is. is the social rewards community that has swept America over the last few years and is currently launching in the UK, and it is perfect for those who either just enjoy being online or want to be savvy about how they spend and save their time and money. Swagbucks, which has built a legitimate reputation that cuts through the scam ethos of many online rewards sites, is in fact the smart way to use the internet or the best way to make the most of your valuable time online.

Make Money Betting on the FA Cup

Where as I don’t advocate trying to gamble your way to millionaire riches, I want to explore an idea today which could earn you some money by betting on FA Cup football matches more specifically, matches taking place in the third round.

If you didn’t already know, the third round is where all the big teams enter the competition the top sides from the Premier League and the Championship. They join the teams still left in the competition from League One, League Two and non league football.

Make Money By Receiving Text Messages

I stumbled upon a fantastic new start up company this week in the U.S. The concept behind the company is that they will actually Pay people to receive text messages on their mobile phone. They go by the name of cash texts.  The site is completely FREE to sign up. The company make all of their money from the Advertisers.

Understand more by watching this marketing video explaining the concept:


20 Ways to Make Money Online in 2012

Id like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy New Year. The start of another year yet again.  The U.K as well as most of the globe is still in the midst of a recession. Times are indeed hard. Employers are making staff redundant each and every day. Large retailers are going bust. The job market is weak with hundreds of applicants for each and every role.

Make Money From Home With Fiverr


If you haven’t heard of then you are missing out on another great income stream. Basically the site allows anyone to setup a free account and start selling their own product or service online. A bit like Ebay but not an auction site and where the majority of products are delivered online and they all cost the same amount…yes you guessed it five dollars. The item you are selling on Fiverr is referred to as a Gig.

Selling on Fiverr

Top 4 Strategies to Monetize a Website

Building a website with great content that engages a reader is just a small part of what it takes to create an online business. Once the visitors begin to trickle in through search traffic, social media, or rss feeds, monetizing them is the next step. Finding a monetization strategy that is not overly intrusive and keeps the users happy, is one of the toughest parts of making money with a website. If making a profit is your goal, a wide variety of techniques should be tested to get the most out of your traffic.

Here are the top 4 ways to monetize a site:

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